Thursday, 12 August 2010

We Shouldn't Let Sentimentality Get In The Way Of The Beckham Decision

So David Beckham's career in competitive internationals seems to be over.  Fabio Capello made that quite clear last night..

We shouldn't get lost in sentimentality about this decision. There should be no room for sentimentality in the cut throat world of international football.

It has been clear for a while that Beckham's international career is in the 'swansong' phase.  His club form and recent form at international level hasn't really justified international inclusion (although that doesn't always make a difference as the preposterous Heskey selection shows).  The only reasons for selecting him in future would be sentimental rather than footballing ones.

Beckham will probably go down in the second tier of England internationals.  Not quite up there with the likes of Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore (or some members of the 1990 squad) but somebody who would easily make the top 40 all time England players and has served his country with distinction over the years.

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