Saturday, 21 August 2010

Test Match Special and 'Boycott Bingo'

It will come as surprise whatsoever to readers of this blog that I'm a massive fan of Test Match Special.  If ever a radio programme could be described as a national treasure, then TMS is it.

One of the joys of the existing line up of TMS is the musings of that Yorkshire great Geoffrey Boycott (who is, apparently, also a hero of Labour leadership contender, Ed Miliband.)

We all know that Boycs has his fair share of sayings and a keen eared TMS listener has devised Boycott bingo (a relation no doubt to the more profane version of bingo that people who have had to sit through tedious business meetings will be familiar with.)

Check out the TMS version of Boycott Bingo here:

It contains such gems as:

"You could book in for a bed and breakfast on this wicket."

"I could have hit that with a stick of celery."

"That's buffet bowling that is."

It seems that a version of 'Blofeld Bingo' is in the works for the Lords test.

Prepare for pigeons, buses and cakes...

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