Thursday, 19 August 2010

Is Zoe Williams Gunning For The Jan Moir Award For Idiotic Journalism

On Comment Is Free last night, Zoe Williams has come up with the most ignorant piece of tripe since Jan Moir told us her spectacularly ill informed views about the sad death of Stephen Gately.

According to Williams, "If sex with HIV is a crime, so is swimming with verrucas."

Her article is referring to the trial Nadja Benaissa, of the German pop group No Angels.  Banaissa is on trial for manslaughter after having unprotected  sex with a man and not telling him that she was HIV positive.  She claims that such trials are about sexual morality.  She is speaking idiocy of the worst order.

This is spectacular, utter, grotesque nonsense.  There is still no cure to HIV.  Two million people died from AIDS in 2008.

If somebody knows that he or she has HIV and has sex without informing their sexual partner of their HIV status they are knowingly putting the life of the other person in danger. That is malicious. That is manslaughter.  It is not the same as swimming with veruccas.  Any such comparison is offensive and wrong.  Risking passing on a verucca is in no way comparable to recklessly endangering the life of others.

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  1. What a silly cow...hope she wasn't paid for it!


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