Monday, 9 August 2010

Quite A Recovery For Eminem

I have just picked up Eminem's latest album, 'Recovery'.  After his last two efforts, I wasn't expecting much but, I'm pleased to say, it is a real return to form.

The Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP were brilliant, his 'Renegade' duet with Jay Z on Blueprint was witty and awesome and Lose Yourself was a genuine anthem.  But since then the creativity seemed to dry up.  It might have been the eventful private life, the drug problems or the fame.  Whatever it was, the magic seemed to disappear.  The cleverness in the lyrics was replaced by retreads and machismo.

He admits as much on 'Recovery', saying on Talking To Myself:

"Them last two albums don't count
... I got something to prove to fans 'cause I feel like I let em down"

For a hip hop album, Recovery feels staggeringly vulnerable.  It presents the artist as being human and having human frailties.  Once again, the lyrics have rediscovered their bite.  Eminem sounds like he has rediscovered his hunger.  The album is well worth a listen (even to see how he has sampled Haddaway of all people!)

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