Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mick Jagger and Frank Black Join The Fight To Save The 100 Club

The campaign to save the iconic 100 Club is gathering pace.

I wrote about the campaign here a few weeks ago and suggested that some of the legends who have frequented the club over the years should help out.  It now seems that they are beginning to do so.

Stones legend Mick Jagger has given his support to the campaign.  He has said:

"This is really bad news if another great venue is threatened with closure. There's a real need for these places - they have a connection with the past. And what is important is that you have places where bands can cut their teeth and places of a certain intimacy and size, that new bands can experiment in. There aren't that many great places in London, or indeed any city, that you can say that about."

It isn't clear whether he has given any financial help to the campaign but the brilliant Frank Black of the legendary Pixies certainly has.  According to The Sun, he has given £100,000 to the campaign.  Fantastic stuff.  And, just to illustrate the measure of the man, he apparently also asked for his donation to remain secret.

Hats off to that man.

Don't forget the campaign site can be found here:


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