Monday, 8 November 2010

Don't Mess With A Member Of The Cash Family

Johnny Cash was known for his rugged individualism and his devotion to causes, such as prisoners' rights, the rights of Native Americans and his hatred of poverty (which he experienced in his youth).  He was of course primarily famous for making some majestic music that changed the face of both country and rock n'roll.

His daughter, Rosanne Cash, also has the rugged individualism and the musical talent.  With this in mind, Republican House leader, John Boehner decided to use Johnny Cash's name in a political 'joke' last week.  He said:

"Remember when Ronald Reagan was president? We had Bob Hope. We had Johnny Cash. Think about where we are today. We have got President Obama. But we have no hope and we have no cash."

Of course, that's a terrible line anyway.  And Rosanne, like her father a lifelong Democrat, wasn't going to let it go by without comment.  She tweeted:

rosanne cash tweet1 Johnny Cashs daughter to GOP chief: Stop using my fathers name, you asshat

She certainly seems to have her Dad's proto punk attitude.  I remember when 'Unchained' won the Grammy for Country Album of the year and Cash put out this full page ad in Rolling Stone:

johnny cash gives the finger to country music

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