Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Now Is Not The Time For A Minimum Price For Alcohol

The National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence has issued a report suggesting that there should be a 'minimum price' for alcohol. In effect, they are arguing that the price of a pint of beer should increase.

This kind of idea is one that would hit the already troubled local pub and hit the responsible drinker in the pocket at a time when everybody is having to tighten their belts. I haven't seen a single reason why the responsible drinker and hard working person enjoying an occasional pint after work should be punished because of the irresponsible minority.

There is also not a single piece of evidence to suggest that a minimum price on alcohol will affect consumption - particularly amongst problem drinkers. Education about the effects of problem drinking will go much further towards solving the problem than setting an arbitrary minimum price.

38 pubs a week are closing up and down the country. In too many cases, the closure of a pub is ripping out the beating heart of a community - the place where people come together and which acts as the communal bond. A minimum price for alcohol is the last thing we need.

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