Sunday, 30 May 2010

Darren Bent Should Be In The Final World Cup Squad

I'm writing this while watching England's staggeringly indifferent performance against Japan in our final friendly before the World Cup kicks off next Friday. Although he maybe hasn't delivered today and although (as a Sunderland fan) I will be left open to accusations of bias, I strongly believe that Darren Bent should be in the final squad for South Africa.

I have watched him this season as he scored a staggering 25 goals for Sunderland and seen a man who is a natural goalscorer. And a natural goalscorer is just what you need in the World Cup.

Just look at the players who have won the Golden Boot in recent World Cups. Klose for Germany last time - moving a largely unexciting German side to the semi finals (and almost the final with his skill as a natural goalscorer). Suker in 1998. Salenko in 1994. Other than Ronaldo is 2002, players who score goals in World Cups are those natural goalscorers, who know where the goal is and carve a goal out of almost any situation. They may not always be the flashiest or most exciting players but their goalscoring ability always has the potential of changing a game and changing a tournament.

Bent has been spectacular for Sunderland this season. He has been prolific and been the second top English goalscorer in the Premiership despite playing for a team that went through a nightmarish three month slump half way through the season.

I have little doubt that if he had scored 20 goals for a more 'glamorous' team, he would be seen as a certainty for the tournament. Sadly, North Eastern clubs have had the rum end of selection decisions for decades. It would maybe be optimistic to think that will change now.

But change it should. Darren Bent should be in the final squad. And if selected he will absolutely prove his worth.

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  1. Darren Bent at the world cup is the football equivalent of Danny Alexander at the Treasury!


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