Monday, 21 June 2010

John Terry Must Stop The Sniping and England Must Deliver This Time

The World Cup has burst into life over the past few days.  Argentina have been awesome in their first couple of games.  The Brazilians are nicely warming up to the task (despite some terrible play acting Toure for the Ivory Coast).  The Portugese dished out a seven goal thrashing to the North Koreans and, as I write this, the Spanish are playing beautifully against Honduras.

Of course, there is a flip side.  The first round of group games was stuttering - with goals at a real premium.  The French squad are imploding in a very public way.  And John Terry has decided to go on a demolition derby following our shocking performances against Algeria and the USA.

Terry needs to remember that there is more at stake than his ego.  Rather than publicly questioning the authority of the manager (and there are some decisions such as the non selection of Darren Bent and the non playing of Cole that I think Capello has got badly wrong), Terry should be focusing upon avoiding a repeat of the painfully inept display against Algeria.

We are getting to the business end of the World Cup.  England's match against Slovenia on Wednesday is a real do or die moment.  It is the time for Terry and the other England players to prove that they are worthy of wearing the badge on their chest.  A nation expects that the three lions will eventually begin to roar.

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