Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kay Burley, Stafford Cripps and Chris Bryant

Kay Burley on Sky News interviewed 97 year old Tory member, Harry Beckough yesterday.  It is probably not Burley's finest broadcasting moment.

Check out the full interview below (hat tip to Political Scrapbook):

Probably the most jaw dropping moment was when Kay Burley made clear that she hadn't heard of Stafford Cripps, that austere Chancellor and the man described by David Marquand as one of the two titans of Attlee's post war Government (along with Ernie Bevin).  As Political Scrapbook suggests, Burley seems to think that Stafford Cripps was "some kind of WWII military regiment from the West Midlands."

You would imagine this would make most people with a knowledge of post war British politics pretty cross.  But biographers of Cripps must be particularly incensed by Burley's lack of historical knowledge.  Step forward one of Cripps' most recent biographers (a good read it is too):

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Having said that Chris Bryant, the author of Stafford Cripps - The First Modern Chancellor, made his opinion of Burley's interviewing style fairly clear a few weeks ago:

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