Monday, 25 October 2010

Direct Ski Advert Is A Shabby Insult To The North East

Some moron at an advertising agency has clearly decided that the best way to sell their cheap skiing holidays is to have a go at people from the North East of England.  This is how some two bit skiing holiday company I had previously never heard of has decided to advertise their holidays:

Outrage: The controversial Directski advert

Unsurprisingly, I haven't seen any of these idiotic adverts in the North East!

The offensive advert is based on a silly stereotype of our region and of North Easterners.  For a cheap laugh, it ignores the fact that the North East is now a culturally exciting, vibrant place, which has, over the past few years regained its vitality after the body blows of deindustrialisation.

There is probably a reason that people from the North East decide not to take up Direct Ski founder Anthony Collins on his delightful and charming offer of cheap skiing.  They probably choose not to travel with Direct Ski because of their idiotic adverts.  There is also, quite often a fair bit of snow in the North East and just over the border.  And perhaps, just perhaps, North Easterners prefer not to squander hard earned holidays on the skiing holidays beloved of rich people in the South.

Hopefully Direct Ski will decide not to run campaigns with a cheap shot at the North East again.  Maybe the advertising execs responsible for these ads should spend their holidays in the North East so they can understand the absurdity of their ads.

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