Thursday, 16 September 2010

Who Does This European Commissioner Think She Is?

This is Viviane Redding.

She is a European Commissioner.

Nobody, of course, elected her to that position.  And the people certainly cannot remove her from that position. Despite this, she has more power than most elected politicians in Europe.  That, to most people who love democracy, is a pretty unacceptable situation.

On Tuesday, this lady took it upon herself to lecture a national Government in the most remarkable terms, describe the French policy regarding the Roma as both a "disgrace" and "shocking".  She then went on to compare Sarkozy's policy with the atrocities of the 1930s.   She said, "this is a situation I would have thought Europe would not have to witness again."

The response of the French Minister for Europe was pretty damning:

"France is a big sovereign country, we're not at school."

This whole things just sums up what is wrong with the EU at present.  An unelected, all powerful Commissioner lecturing elected national politicians in the most remarkable terms.  The EU must learn to respect democracy or it will continue to drift further and further from the people of Europe.

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