Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cadbury's Dairy Milk and The Absurdity Of European Rules

Apparently, Cadbury's Dairy Milk will no longer be able to use the slogan "a glass and a half of milk in every bar" on its wrappers.  

EU rules apparently mean that Cadbury's will, instead, have to use the slogan, "the equivalent of 426ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate."  Not quite as catchy is it?

Isn't this just petty and nonsensical?  Is there any wonder that ordinary people across Europe are becoming increasingly detached by the unelected, meddling monolith that is the EU?

It's a shame that Cadbury's didn't decide to hold on to its heritage, rather than caving in to the bureaucratic nonsense of EU rules.


  1. My bullshit alarm is going off with this one big time... seems like just the sort of thing Richard Littledick would say you "couldn't make up" (when he just did exactly that).

    Mainly skeptical because "glass" and "bar" aren't imperial measurements, so there'd be no imperative to switch away from them.

  2. As I thought, complete and utter nonsense. The Mail really needs to try harder.

  3. Paul - Thanks for both of your comments.

    I think you might find that EU rules prohibit measurements being placed on products that are not in metric (to ensure comparability across the free market). That "glass" is not imperial is irrelevant. The importance is that it is not a metric measurement.

    I'm not convinced that the blog piece you linked to proves anything, other than rehashing the Daily Mail piece and quoting a Trading Standards officer saying that the rules MIGHT be unclear.


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