Monday, 27 December 2010

Ricky Ponting's Unbelievable Rant

The pressure is clearly getting to Ricky Ponting.  He knows that he will probably be out of a job in the next few weeks and (if the test match keeps on going like this) he knows that he will be remembered as the man who lost the Ashes both at home and abroad.

The pressure seemed to get to him in yesterday's play.  The review of a decision against Kevin Pietersen showed that KP was clearly not out.  'Punter', in that bizarre parallel universe that only tends to exist on the sporting field in the midst of the action didn't quite see things that way.  And he told the umpire about it... at length... before also informing KP of his displeasure.  Check it out here:

Maybe Ricky needs to borrow Tevez's dummy.  He certainly spat it out yesterday.  Ponting was always the cricketer England fans loved to hate and its hard to see how yesterday's antics will be making things any better.

It may not have been quite as bad as Mike Gatting's effort a few years ago, but Ricky should know that he was standing on VERY thin ice.

Ponting has been fined 40% of his match fee.  Quite right too.  Hopefully now England can finish the job in the next few days.

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